Common Issues in Older Women – Part 1

Common Issues in Older Women – Part 1

In order to maintain their health even after 60 years, women should follow the recommendations of the specialists & take the necessary preventive measures. Below, we have listed some of the most common diseases in older women.

1. Hypertension

After 60 years, elderly women may not experience pressure surges caused by hormonal changes. Constant hypertension eventually causes hemorrhagic stroke. In order to avoid this condition, you need to reduce your stress levels, eat right, take vitamins and medications aimed at improving the level of blood flow.

2. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis which occurs due to calcium deficiency of the body may also result due to a lack of female sex hormones. Because of this, bones become very fragile and weak. As a result, leg diseases manifest themselves in older women. One of the main injuries in women after 60 years is a fracture of the femoral neck, which very slowly grows together and often leads to disability. Preventive measures, in this case, should begin at the stage of menopause. They consist of taking calcium and hormone replacement therapy.

3. Reduced metabolism

The slowdown of metabolism in older women might also reduce their immunity levels. As a result, the body becomes more susceptible to diseases associated with respiratory infections. Often this provokes chronic bronchitis. In addition, reduced immunity may lead to the development of a deadly disease like cancer. To avoid all this, older women should take vitamins and natural supplements in the form of echinacea or ginseng tincture.

4. Problems with joints

In severe cases, a lesion of the cervical spine occurs, as a result of which large arteries are compressed and blood does not flow well to the brain. In this case, chondroprotectors, elimination of physical exertion and special exercises can help.

5. Diabetes

It is caused by a decrease in the sensitivity of the body of an elderly woman to insulin. Very often, after 60 years, type 2 diabetes may be detected. This disease affects all systems in the body. It may also affect the working of internal organs, and reduce the immunity levels. In addition, the walls of blood vessels also undergo changes which reduce their ability to function. In order to prevent their occurrence, it is necessary to eat right, monitor your blood sugar levels and take a timely treatment on disorders associated with the pancreas.

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