Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in Freedom Sunday?

Freedom Sunday can be observed any Sunday of the year, but on March 9, 2014 the global church will celebrate the hope of freedom. We invite all faith communities to do something of significance on that date for maximum effectiveness.

Does my faith community have to participate on on the same date as everyone else?

Not necessarily. Freedom Sunday can be observed any Sunday of the year, but on one day the global church unites together to spread the message of freedom. We invite all faith communities to do join us in participating on that day to take a loud and powerful stand against slavery.

Why is Freedom Sunday not observed close to the January 11 Human Trafficking awareness date in the United States?

Freedom Sunday is a global observance and an international movement, and therefore needs a more global date.

What are the expectations for my faith community in participating?

The main expectation is that each faith community will allow worship to be the catalyst for significant engagement. There are no strings attached and no cost for participation.

Is there a specific liturgy or order of service for Freedom Sunday?

No. Use what works and makes sense for your community. Your community can allocate 5 minutes or 5 hours to the issue. Use what you want, do what you can do.

Are there financial obligations for participating?

No. There are many ways to contribute financially to the re-abolishment of slavery, but no requirement to give financially.

What does it mean that Freedom Sunday is “Open-source”?

The Freedom Sunday platform is open for all to take and also to contribute. We have resources that are available for all. We are looking for more resources: Bible studies, dramas, songs, etc. What is your faith community using that could be shared with the broader faith community? If you have worship tools, resources, etc. to share with the broader faith community please send to

Is Freedom Sunday a day or a movement?

It’s both. Freedom Sunday can be celebrated any day of the year, but like authentic worship, Freedom Sunday is not confined to just a few hours on a specific day. Worship is a lifestyle. Freedom Sunday is a lifestyle as well. Our hope is that small groups, prayer groups, churches, Christian organizations, and individuals will eventually find all that they need on the Freedom Sunday website.